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ZYF Sustainable Development Report 2017

In the early spring of each year, the publication of the annual sustainable development report has become a business card, a tradition and a culture of Zhongyifeng. Zhongyifeng is deeply aware that in order to realize its vision of becoming a global enterprise that is trusted and loved by the public, besides having excellent performance, high-quality products and services, it must also have a state of mind and a sense of gratitude to the society, that is, social responsibility as a corporate citizen. Over the years, through the communication platform of Sustainable Development Report, we have consistently enhanced communication and mutual trust, and constantly improved the management, practice and integration of social responsibility. The fulfillment of social responsibility has been internalized into the strategic capability of Zhongyifeng, which has injected rich cultural accumulation and development impetus into Zhongyifeng, and has become an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Our pursuit is to fulfill the dreams of all relevant parties in the field of urban construction and service, which is Zhongyifeng's moral law and sense of responsibility. We will take advantage of the Chinese elements and give full play to Suzhou's advantages to meet the ever-changing needs of the city's development with a complete industrial chain, sophisticated management, pragmatic science and technology, and inclusive culture, to achieve business success, to fulfill social responsibilities, and to continuously promote new and long-term development, harmonious development and sustainable and healthy development of enterprises and society.

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