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Party Construction Work System
Zhongyifeng Construction Group is transformed into state-owned enterprises, inherited from the red gene of the Party, guided by the Party building culture, and constructed the Party building work system. At present, 20 Party branches at the grass-roots level have been set up. Through the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and grass-roots Party organizations, they can convey the company's cultural ideas to employees and do a good job in Party building in an all-round way.

Party building work of the group's 13th five-year plan

During the 13th five-year plan period, the new situation and new tasks put forward new requirements for Party building. It is the primary responsibility of the Party Committee to focus on the direction, major events and overall situation. The Party building work of the group is actively integrated into the 13th five-year development strategy to lead the development by emancipating the mind, promote the development by reform and innovation, and guarantee the development by giving full play to its advantages.

1. Uphold the Party's leadership over enterprises

We should strengthen the armed forces of theories, promote ideological emancipation, attach importance to ideological and theoretical learning, and adhere to the system of collective decision-making.

2. We will ensure that the Party administers personnel and cadres

We will strengthen the building of leading team and the ranks of talented people.

3. We will strengthen the building of basic-level Party organizations

We will ensure that enterprise development is planned in step with Party building, that Party building is integrated into the central task, that Party building is standardized, and that the ranks of party members are strengthened.

4. Adhere to corporate culture and brand building

Deeply expand the space of "live and work in peace and happiness and live a good life", continuously create a win-win platform, and establish the enterprise brand image.

5. We will continue to improve work style

6. We will strengthen the building of mass organizations

We will strengthen leadership over the work of mass organizations, encourage them to serve production and business operations, and increase their vitality.

Strategy guide

On October 8, 2017, the company held a general meeting for Party members to be reelected at a new term. More than 300 Party members participated in the meeting and elected a new Party Committee and discipline inspection commission team. At present, the company has 9 Party Committees and 7 discipline inspection committee members, and the "two committees" leading group is sound.

The Party leads masses and league

The Party Committee of the company firmly grasps the correct political direction, focuses on strengthening the "political nature, advanced nature and mass nature", constantly innovates ways and methods, unites forces, strives to promote the construction of the labor union, the Youth League Committee and other mass organizations of the company, and actively carries out and supports the normal activities of various groups and groups.

The Party administers cadres and personnel

The company adheres to the principle of " Party administers the cadre", adheres to the inspection and control of the Party organization in the selection and appointment of cadres, and makes it clear in the company cadre management system that the group's middle-level cadres compete for posts, and the Party organization gives full play to its role.

The Party leads culture

Zhongyifeng mixes the Party construction work with corporate culture, the combination of combining organize activities of life and the enterprise culture, shape the enterprise's common vision and values, cultivating employees internalization in mind spirit and belief, and by conducting a variety of colorful activities to corporate culture, enhance the sense of mission, the enterprise employees to the work of pride and a sense of belonging to the team, and then into the powerful productivity of enterprises, promote the health of the enterprise long-term development.