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Zhongyifeng Hehe Charity is sponsored by Zhongyifeng Group. It belongs to the Enterprise Name Fund of Suzhou Charity Federation. This fund is mainly used for helping the disadvantaged groups in poverty alleviation, teaching and learning, helping the disabled, disaster relief and other public welfare undertakings. Formally established in September 2017, it has succeeded in providing assistance and relief to poor families, and has won high praise from the society.

At the same time, the company has set up the Zhongyifeng Hehe Charitable Fund Management Committee to be responsible for fund management. The committee is the Zakou administrative body for all charitable and public welfare undertakings of the group. The company's leadership has always adhered to the business philosophy of "keeping employees warm and cool, keeping in mind the rise and fall of enterprises, and keeping social responsibility in mind". While enterprises have achieved better economic benefits and employees'income has increased year after year, they have not forgotten to return to the society and devoted themselves enthusiastically to various social charities.

Serve the society by donating to various charitable organizations of public welfare and love. Over the years, the company has contributed annually to charity foundations at the municipal and district levels, the Glorious Cause Promotion Association and the Youyiyong Foundation, and donated donations to charity supermarkets held at Xiyuan Temple, Hanshan Temple and Guanshan Temple to support the development of social charity.

Through participating in thematic charitable activities carried out by governments at all levels and charitable organizations for public welfare, we offer our love. The company has participated in the charitable activities of "Warm Winter Action", "Charity Day Donation", "Dream Action", "Neighborhood Affection", "Aunt Jin" and "Sunshine Happy Living" organized by local governments and community organizations, and has won unanimous praise from the society.

Enthusiasm in education and donation of financial aid to students. The company has set up scholarship funds in some large, middle and primary schools in the city to subsidize poor students and reward excellent teachers and students. The company has also established a cooperative relationship with primary and secondary schools in Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas to help schools in disaster-stricken areas improve their teaching facilities and help children who lost loved ones in the earthquake survive.

Extensive publicity and mobilization to create a good atmosphere of mutual help and love and philanthropy within the enterprise. The company has established youth volunteer associations and workers'commonweal associations with the purpose of serving the society and repaying the society. It regularly carries out voluntary activities such as accompanying the elderly in nursing homes and children with intellectual disabilities in Angel homes to help the poor. When the employee's family encounters sudden difficulties due to illness and disaster, the company and employees have launched many fund-raising activities to solve the urgent needs of

employees. At the founding meeting of the Youth Volunteer Association, more than 70,000 yuan was raised for donation to relevant charitable organizations. After the earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai and Ya'an, Sichuan, the employees of the company made donations enthusiastically to the people in the disaster area.

Prepare social responsibility reports, publicize public welfare activities and social donations that enterprises participate in, let employees and society know the situation of enterprises returning to society, make employees feel the determination of the company to carry out the commitment of "keeping social responsibility in mind" and take pride in it.

In recent years, according to incomplete statistics, the company has donated money to various social charitable organizations, which has better fulfilled the commitment of enterprises to repay the society. The company has also been rated as the most loving donation enterprise in Suzhou in 2015 and 2107, and has been affirmed by the government and all sectors of society.