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Enterprises rely on provincial technology centers, academician workstations, excellent postgraduate workstations in Jiangsu Province. Key Laboratory of Structural Engineering, Zhongyifeng Science and Technology Committee, Expert Advisory Committee and other high-end internal and external platforms. Constantly innovating and perfecting the mechanism of scientific and technological investment, R&D, transformation and application, which provides a powerful way to improve the level of enterprise management. Technical support. Driving the development of enterprises by technological innovation has become a new way for the construction of Zhongyifeng to explore new ways and seek new ones under the new normal conditions. The strategic choice of development.


ZYF Science and Technology Conference:Top-level design of science and technology-driven development strategy and annual science and technology development plan.
ZYF Science and Technology Forum:Focus on cutting-edge technology to activate employee creative thinking.
ZYF Academic Papers Collection:Discussing the Exchange Engineering Technology, Practical Experience and Theoretical Innovation
Compilation of Industrial Law of ZYF Enterprise:Taking engineering as the object and technology as the core, it provides intellectual support for the construction ability of enterprise's technical level.



Zhongyifeng relies on scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise development, improve quality and efficiency, and deeply integrate lean management model with the whole life cycle of construction, so as to achieve perfect quality and optimal construction period. With the goal of minimizing resource consumption and continuing improvement, we should explore new construction methods and apply new technologies and methods in the construction industry by adopting advanced technology and technology. Accumulate new technology achievements, promote new technology application, comprehensively improve project quality and efficiency, and promote the upgrading of construction mode.

Application of Innovative Technology in Suzhou Modern Media Plaza

1. "Additional stress relief installation method for steel truss across settlement joint" successfully solves the additional deformation construction problem caused by uneven settlement at both ends of connection body of mega-truss structure.
2. "New structure system of composite truss with open steel plate and new structure system of cross-string staircase" have successfully solved the difficult problem of building function.
3. "Cumulative Slip Installation Method for Super-large Altitude Difference Track (40.75 m) of Catenary Steel Roof" has successfully solved the installation problem of Super-large Arc-length Flexible Catenary Steel Roof.
4. "Digital construction technology in the whole process of high-altitude curved reticulated shell" effectively solves the technical problems of reticulated shell element fabrication and installation process error accumulation.
5. "Skylight System of Prestressed Steel Structures with Isolated Lead Core Bearings" extends the application scope of Isolated Lead Core Bearings.
6. "External shading, heat recovery, solar photovoltaic glass, breathing curtain wall, wind direction guidance, rainwater reuse" and other energy-saving technologies to achieve a comprehensive energy wisdom management model.

Pipe Gallery Applies 8 Major Technologies

  • Construction Technology of Pile Foundation Pit Enclosure with Smw Method
  • Construction Technology of Tool-type Composite Internal Support
  • Construction Technology of Aluminum Alloy Formwork
  • Construction Technology of Composite Plate
  • pipe jacking
  • BIM Applied Construction Technology
  • Construction technology of fair-faced concrete
  • Construction Technology of Prefabrication and Assembly of Double-compartment Upper and Lower


1. Intelligent employment: people-oriented, realizing the whole process management of field personnel, combining face recognition, two-dimensional code, big data checking technology, real-time grasp of labor construction progress and dynamic actual cost.Preventing the Risk of Employment in Enterprises in an All-round Way
2. Intelligent Material: Through the collection of Intelligent Material Federation, we can prevent the cost wastage, resource waste, favoritism and fraud in material management.
3. Intelligent Machinery Supervision: Through Intelligent Material Link Monitoring, we can master the operation data and operation status of machinery and equipment, monitor idle operation and safety risks of machinery and other issues.
4. Method, environment and measurement: combination of hard and soft, guiding construction, checking engineering quality problems, and guarding against safety risks
5. Hyper-integrated real-world command center: multi-level perspective analysis and display of enterprise production and management data, real data visualization


Deep ploughing wisdom - Zhongyifeng has become the leading service and operator of wisdom city in China, spanning many fields such as wisdom city, wisdom medical treatment, wisdom education, wisdom transportation, wisdom travel, wisdom pension, comprehensive pipe corridor, smart home and so on.
  • The connotation of Zhongyifeng Digital Construction:

    It is the "digital twin" of virtual and real mapping. It is the industry strategy that drives the whole process, all elements and all participants of the construction industry to upgrade. Zhongyifeng is an Internet platform for the construction industry that empowers the upstream and downstream parties in the industrial chain. It is also a win-win situation for the construction industry. Ecosystem of coordinated development.
  • Characteristic of Zhongyifeng Digital Construction:

    Digital, online and intelligent are the three typical characteristics of Zhongyifeng's "digital construction".
  • The value of Zhongyifeng Digital Construction:

    New design: full digital sample.
    New construction: industrial construction.
    New Operations and Maintenance: Intelligent Operations and Maintenance.
  • BIM:

    The BIM Center was established to focus on the research, application and promotion of BIM technology, personnel training and team building. Taking the demonstration application of key projects as the starting point, we will gradually and comprehensively promote the application of BIM technology in the group to support lean construction of projects.
  • BIM application points:

    Accurate Calculation

    Virtual Construction

    Multi-Professional Technology Collision

    Engineering Data Integration

    Property Operation and Maintenance Management


  • Integrated Application of Assembled Architecture

    PC Main:Technological research and development, technical service, technology transfer and technical consultation of construction industrialization. Research and development, design, production and sale of prefabricated components of assembly building, design, manufacture, sale and service of professional equipment and moulds for construction industrialization.
    Component factory:PC production base built on assembly building system All prefabricated components are the main products, serving local demand and diffracting Shanghai market. To achieve the most advanced intelligent PC production base in China.
  • SI Hardcover

    SI finely decorated residence is a new type of sustainable residence with long life, high quality and low energy consumption, which is constructed by industrialized production mode.
    Decoration SI System:1. Graphic design system 2. Peripheral protection system 3. SI Construction System 4. Application System of Industrial Products 5. Humanized Design and Easy Maintenance System