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ZYF Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The Group has double super qualifications of general contracting for construction projects and general contracting for municipal and public utilities projects.

· Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises

· National Civilized Unit

· National Quality Award Nomination Award

· 2 Zhan Tianyou Awards

· 15 Luban Awards

· 21 National Quality Engineering Awards

· Qualified for foreign aid complete project general contracting enterprises

· Possess "Dual Special Grade, Triple Grade" qualifications for building construction and municipal utilities.

Zhongyifeng Construction is one of the earliest privately-owned enterprises in the Jiangsu construction industry to undergo comprehensive restructuring. Its predecessor was founded in 1952 and underwent comprehensive restructuring in 2003, becoming Suzhou Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. In 2013, it was renamed Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is the first privately-owned enterprise in Jiangsu Province to obtain the special-grade qualifications for construction engineering and municipal public construction general contracting, as well as the grade-A qualifications for municipal industry, architectural design, and geotechnical engineering (survey, design), with "Double Special and Triple Grade" qualifications. It has more than 20 special, first, and second-level qualifications with a complete qualification structure.

Zhongyifeng Construction is a pioneer and leader in the construction industry in Jiangsu Province. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to serving the national development strategy, core values of "integrity, sincerity, virtue, and innovation," reform and innovation development, building high-quality brands, vigorously implementing the development strategy of nationalization, the synergy of the whole industry, and building a construction full-life-cycle service provider. It actively promotes the culture of execution, inheritance, and promotion of integrity consciousness and craftsmanship spirit.

Zhongyifeng Construction's business performance has continuously maintained a stable growth of double digits. As a competitive restructuring private enterprise, it has always actively invested in fierce market competition, continuously enhanced the vitality of enterprise operation, and ensured the preservation and appreciation of enterprise assets. It has been listed in China's Top 500 Private Enterprises for several consecutive years, and has been awarded as a National Civilized Unit, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Top 100 Construction Industry Competitiveness Enterprises, and ENR China Contractor Top 80. It is also one of the top 100 comprehensive construction industry competitiveness enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

Zhongyifeng Construction has gained full recognition from the industry and the market for its corporate governance level. Since its restructuring and renaming, the group has maintained a stable development trend and its comprehensive management level ranks among the top private construction companies. It has won more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level honors such as the National Quality Award Nomination Award, the Special Honor Enterprise of the Luban Award of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Jiangsu Government Science and Technology Progress Award, the Jiangsu Quality Management Excellent Award, and the Jiangsu Charity Award. It has also won the Jiangsu Quality Management Excellent Award and the National Quality Award Nomination Award.

Zhongyifeng Construction has always maintained its position as the main force in Jiangsu's urban construction. It has successfully built a series of well-known projects at home and abroad, represented by Suzhou Center, Suzhou Modern Media Plaza, Suzhou Donghuan Nan Yan Viaduct, 524 National Highway Expansion Project, Suzhou Rail Transit S1 Line, Suzhou Donghui Park Underpassing Moat Tunnel Project, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Gymnasium, Huai'an Financial Center, Wuxi Xingouhe Water Conservancy Hub Project, Xi'an Weibei Industrial Park, Zhengzhou Lvdou, Rongchuang Residential Group, Vietnam Haiyang Power Plant, Canada Wutai Mountain Tang-style Palace Project, etc. It has won two Zhantianyou Awards, 15 Luban Awards, 21 National Quality Engineering Awards, three Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Awards, and hundreds of provincial and municipal engineering awards.

Zhongyifeng Construction's market expansion is stable and effective. It continues to make breakthroughs in the domestic market with Suzhou and Nanjing as its regional headquarters, and has set up six regional headquarters in South China, North China, Central China, Northeast China, Southwest China, and Northwest China. It deeply cultivates strategic core cities, improves the market share of urban markets, and its ongoing projects cover 25 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. Zhongyifeng Construction is also undertaking projects in multiple countries or regions overseas, focusing on key business development along the "Belt and Road" countries such as Vietnam, Bahrain, and Canada. By consolidating the domestic and international market layout, improving profitability, optimizing industrial structure, and other measures, it is committed to achieving the development strategic goals of Zhongyifeng in the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Zhongyifeng Construction has a complete construction industry chain and possesses the ability to provide customers with integrated building life cycle services from investment, construction, survey and design, construction, operation and maintenance, and updating. Its five major business sectors of construction, design consulting, real estate development, urban construction investment, and building materials industry are synergistically linked to provide customers with overall solutions for full life cycle services. Its five emerging businesses in water conservancy and water affairs, environmental engineering, urban renewal, digital industrialization construction, and building service industry are booming. It is following the national strategy and industry trends, continuously enriching the "Zhongyifeng+" connotation, lengthening the industrial chain, thickening the industrial bundle, improving empowerment and value-added capabilities, and actively participating in the ecological and environmental protection cause to serve the construction of a beautiful China.

Zhongyifeng Construction places technological innovation at the core of its development. It has established a technology research and development center, founded an engineering research institute, and the percentage of R&D investment as a percentage of operating income has increased year by year. It has a five-in-one R&D platform consisting of an academician workstation, a provincial enterprise graduate workstation, a provincial engineering technology center, a postdoctoral workstation, and a key laboratory. It cooperates with many universities and research institutions to achieve resource sharing and cross-disciplinary research and development. Currently, the company is actively applying for national engineering technology research centers and high-tech enterprises.

Zhongyifeng Construction regards corporate culture as the engine driving strategic implementation. Guided by Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, it has created the "Red Concrete Heart Circle" enterprise party building brand, firmly establishing the "root" and "soul" of party building. With "harmony" as the core concept of corporate culture, it has established the "Harmony" Cultural Research Institute, advocating the business philosophy of "people-oriented, harmony as the most valuable, cooperation for victory", strengthening party building leadership to forge the soul, and taking projects as the foundation and culture as the vein to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading and harmonious development.

Zhongyifeng Construction has aggregated the advantages of excellent talents from multiple fields and levels. It has more than 3,000 management personnel, of which more than 70% have a bachelor's degree or above, more than 1,000 have intermediate and senior titles, 21 are professor-level senior engineers, and one is a postdoctoral fellow. There are more than 600 employees with a first-class construction engineer's practicing qualification. The company's core competitiveness and project performance continue to improve.

Zhongyifeng will continue to promote the strategic upgrading of the company from "rapid growth" to "sustained, steady, and high-quality rapid growth", and to promote customer-centric, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement, and strive for sustainable development.