Youth Learning Community of Zhong Yi Feng

Initiated by Youth League Committee of Zhong Yi Feng, the Youth Learning Community of Zhong Yi Feng is a learning community for the youth established under the guidance of the Party Committee of the Group and the higher-level League organizations. Aiming at uniting and cultivating young people with learning as a link, guiding the broad masses of young people in the company to hold their ideals and beliefs steadfastly, keep learning, always bear in mind their original wishes, be pioneering and innovative, and make contributions basing on their posts under the leadership of the Party.

Company Needs, Youth Want

Since its establishment in 1952, Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group has been expanding its market and industry constantly. In recent years, the demand for innovation and talents is becoming more intense. At present, the number of young people under 35 years old is 1 100, accounting for 46% of the company's total staff number, and the number of those under 28 years old is 495, which accounts for 45% of the total youth number. For the setup of the community, a full-time Youth League secretary and 19 Youth League branches radiating to all the branches of the youth were specially assigned. In recent years, the role which young people play in the development of the company has become increasingly important, an effective establishment of a talent echelon, and training of young generation is particularly important for the current development of the company. From the perspective of young people's growth, a continuous organization of learning can help them keep an upward attitude, jump out of work limitations, broaden their horizons, and stimulate their ability of innovation and creativity. The purpose of establishing such a learning platform sponsored by the Youth League Committee is to give full play to the role of ideological and political leading and youth serving of the youth league committee, while improving the cohesion among young people, bring them with the benefits of learning.

well-organized, to ensure an effective implementation

With the chairman as the president, the youth learning community engages the principle of each functional department as lecturers, drives company resources, and integrates knowledge, to promote the implementation. An Executive Committee composed of secretaries of each youth League branch is organized and is responsible for the logistic organization. There are two sessions of classes each year, with 60 students for each. The students are those under the age of 28 with a working life of less than five years in Zhong Yi Feng, coming from each branch of the company. Classes will be held once every month, each class has 9 classroom hours and each semester lasts for 10 months. The content of classes covers ideological and political education, professional knowledge, personal quality improvement etc. With combination of theory and practice, young people can learn by seeing and feeling, effectively improve their learning efficiency, and put everything in place.

With Ideology education as the key link, raising up overall quality

Young people in non-state-owned enterprises often neglect political and ideological learning while focusing on busy production tasks and constant improvement of professional skills. Therefore, the Youth Learning Community should focus on strengthening the ideological and political learning of young people, unifying their ideological and political understanding, uniting all the students, so as to promote study more effectively. So, in the curriculum of the youth learning community, the ideological and political learning which will be held once every month with two classroom hours for each time, shall be included in the curriculum plan with a priority. The content of the class covers the spirit of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth National Congresses of the CPC Central Committee, real-time dynamics of global politics and economy, and the class aims at implanting the ideological roots deeply into the minds of young people and establishing a broad pattern and vision by analyzing and organizing in-depth study in an acceptable form of class for young people.

In addition, based on the needs for business development of the company, practical and effective business learning is also included in the nine classroom hours of each month, so that young people in each post can learn the knowledge of other business development lines, break through their knowledge limitations and comprehensively enhance their business awareness. Also, other courses about personal quality promotion, psychology, management, communication and expression, Chinese etiquette, etc. are included in the curriculum plan, aiming at creating a young generation with perfect thought and quality.

Experiential learning and seven tasks make learning more interesting

In addition to systematic knowledge learning, the youth learning community also sets up exchange learning activities conducive for young students to enhance their learning experience. During the one-year semester, the students shall work together to complete a team project, a 10,000-kilometer hike, a public welfare event, a high-quality 60-person chorus, a set of shadowboxing exercises on the topic of harmony, a study trip to the companies within our outward training sites, and an exchange learning with the advanced benchmarking enterprises. Through these seven tasks, young students can build up their bodies and hearts, work together, broaden their horizons and fulfill their missions, and also, have a deep feeling of teamwork and importance of study.

The motto of the youth learning community of Zhong Yi Feng is: being go-getting, innovative and creative. With the concern of the higher organizations and the tolerance of the Party Committee of the Group, the community will create an atmosphere for young people who are willing to communicate and innovate, and promote their personal growth, which is also a project of vital and lasting importance for the company. 


Youth Learning Community