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Zhongyifeng Youth Learning Society

Description Guide: Zhongyifeng Youth Learning Association is a youth learning organization initiated by Zhongyifeng Youth League Committee and established under the guidance of the Group Party Committee and the higher league organizations.  

Zhongyifeng Youth Learning Association is a youth learning organization initiated by Zhongyifeng Youth League Committee and established under the guidance of the Group Party Committee and the higher league organizations. Take learning as a link, gather young people and cultivate young people. The aim is to guide the majority of young people in enterprises to firm their ideals and beliefs, constantly learn, never forget their original intention under the correct leadership of the Party, develop and innovate, and build their career on the basis of their posts.
Business needs, young people think
Since the establishment of Zhongyifeng Construction Group in 1952, the market and industry have been expanding and expanding, and the demand for innovation and talents has become stronger in recent years. At present, there are 1100 young people under 35 years old in Zhongyifeng, accounting for 46% of the total employees of the company, 495 young people under 28 years old, accounting for 45% of the total youth. A full-time League secretary and 19 League branches have been set up and radiated to all the branches and subsidiaries where the youth are located. In recent years, the role of youth in the development of enterprises has become increasingly evident. How to effectively establish a talent echelon, the cultivation of the young generation is particularly important for the current stage of enterprise development. From the perspective of young people's personal growth, continuous organizational learning can help them keep a progressive attitude, jump out of work limitations, broaden their horizons, and stimulate their creativity and creativity. The establishment of such a learning platform initiated by the League Committee is to give full play to the ideological and political leading role of the League organization and serve the youth, while condensing the youth, so that the youth can truly benefit from learning.
Perfect Organization and Ensure Execution in Place
The chairman of the board of directors is invited as the president of the learning society, and the head of each functional department is invited as the special lecturer to drive the resources of the whole company, carry out knowledge integration and promote the implementation. The Executive Committee is composed of the secretaries of each branch, responsible for logistic organization. The class committee carries out class self-control twice a year, with 60 students in each class. The students are under 28 years of age who have worked in each branch for five years. The class starts once a month, every 9 class hours, and the semester lasts 10 months. The content covers ideological and political education, professional knowledge, personal quality improvement and other three aspects. Combining virtual with real, young people can see and feel to learn, effectively improve learning efficiency, in place.
Ideological Education as the Guideline and Comprehensive Quality Improvement
Because young people in non-public enterprises concentrate on busy production tasks, they often neglect political and ideological learning while constantly enhancing their professional skills. Therefore, youth learning societies should focus on strengthening the ideological and political learning of young people, unifying the ideological understanding of the young generation, uniting and promoting generation more effectively. Therefore, in the course setting of learning societies, the first task of Ideological and political learning is to be included in the curriculum plan once a month for two hours.
It covers the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC Central Committee, the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the League Central Committee, the real-time dynamics of global politics and economy, the development trend of the industry and the core values of socialism, etc. Through the easy-to-accept teaching form of young people, it analyses and studies in depth, aiming at deeply implanting the root of ideas in the hearts of young people and establishing a broad pattern and vision.
In addition, based on the business development needs of enterprises, practical and effective business learning is arranged in 9 class hours every month, so that young people in every position can learn other line work knowledge of group business development, so as to break through their knowledge limitations and comprehensively enhance business awareness. At the same time, it also integrates the courses of personal accomplishment improvement, psychology, management, communication and expression, and etiquette of Chinese traditional culture, so as to create a young generation with excellent ideas and qualities in an all-round way.
Experiential learning, seven tasks make learning more interesting
In addition to systematic knowledge learning, learning societies also set up activities conducive to young learners to exchange learning activities and enhance learning experience. During the one-year semester, the trainees will complete a group project, a 10,000-kilometer hiking activity, a public welfare activity, a high-quality 60-person chorus, a set of harmony Taijiquan exercises, a study trip to the Group External Development Regional Company, and an exchange study with advanced benchmarking enterprises. Through these seven actions, young people can keep fit and healthy in their study, cooperate with each other, broaden their horizons and accomplish their mission. Experience the significance of team and the importance of learning.
The social training of Zhongyifeng Youth Learning Society is: dare to think, dare to innovate and create! With the concern of the higher organizations and the tolerance of the Party Committee of the Group, we should create an atmosphere for young people to be willing to communicate and innovate, which is conducive to their personal growth. It is also the enterprise's great plan for a century.

Youth Learning Society