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Run up for life with love, Zhongyifeng Love Blood Donation Week

On May 19, 2014 Yifeng Love Blood Donation Week officially opened. The theme of this week's event is to focus on public welfare and use love as a life run-up, aiming at exploring Zhongyifeng Zhengneng through such activities.

         The week-long 2014 YFENG Love Blood Donation Week officially opened on May 19. The theme of this event is "Concern about public welfare, run-up with love for life". The purpose of this activity is to explore YFENG positive energy, spread love and advocate people to pay attention to public welfare. This Love Week has five stations. From the office base to the project part, it is the group base, Dongqiao base, Media Plaza project, Suzhou Center project and Longhu real estate project. It has been propagandized and organized in advance. It has been registered with the love of nearly 200 employees. At last, 186 people have successfully donated blood. At the same time, we have carried out the activity of "Searching for Zhongyifeng Public Welfare Stars" to find out those. For many years, colleagues who have persisted in donating blood with love have been commended for their public welfare actions in order to promote and spread positive energy.

Zhongyifeng Blood Donation Public Welfare Star

Ren Peng 1500ml
Wang Jun 1200ml
Mei Yuxue 1000ml
Chen Yunqi 1100ml
Liuying 1200ml
Xue Zhouhao 8000ml
Jiang Qin 1500ml
Kongweikai 4500ml
Yansi 1200ml
Tao Yijun 4800ml
Wang Yan 2000 ml
Zhu Yongmei 2000 ml
Zou Haofeng 1900ml
Cao Jianzhong 1200ml
Jiang Limin 1000ml
Li Weilin 1900mL
Luxiawen 1600ml
Xu Jie 1400ml
Zhangyan 1200ml
Zou Jingjuan 1400ml
Installation Branch Li Jin and 1200ml
Installation Branch Song Jun 1200ml
Installation Branch Wang Haiou 1200ml
Zheng Jianhua 9200ml, Material Branch
AN Weiwei 1200ml, Steel Structure Branch
Tan Yurong 1300ml, Steel Structure Branch
Xu Haisha 1200ml Archives Cente

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