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Living like Summer Flowers - Helping the tenacious life, Xiao Mingxuan refuels

Jizhong Yifeng Public Welfare Association participated in the fund-raising activities of the charity sale of Xiao Mingxuan
"I don't know how long I slept in the dark.
I don't know how hard it is to open my eyes.

We don't know how much pain a 6-month-old burned child has suffered. How to open his eyes in the dark is unknown. But we know that he is unwilling to give up. We know that he is tenacious. Open eyes look at us, endless desire to make people feel compassionate.
"I came from afar and you happened to be here,
I'm crazy about her and I'm wild about her."

We never met Xiao Mingxuan, but he touched everyone's heart. Some donated things, some donated money, some came early to help, some busy to the west of the sunset, everyone came together at once, all for the same life, keep hope for Xiao Mingxuan, keep this child's nostalgia for the beautiful world. That's exactly what we should do.

Zhongyifeng Workers'Public Welfare Association participated in the "Breathing Never Give Up, Refueling for the Resilient Little Life" event sponsored by the All-Media News Center of Suzhou Radio and Television Station. From Wednesday to Saturday, it began to prepare for the charity sale. Within 100 hours, all staff donated and donated charity sales totaled 12,031 yuan. On August 8, the Public Welfare Association has transferred all the funds raised to the Chaohui Love Fund (belonging to the Second Level Fund of the Red Cross Society), which was tracked by Suzhou Television Station for Xiao Mingxuan's rescue and received a receipt on August 9.
Time is pressing, enthusiastic employees are obligated to help propaganda in various channels; employees who know the news send donated goods to designated locations at the first time; many employees donate generously; members of the association take advantage of rest to participate in the charity sale in the hot sun; too many touching moments reflect the great love of Zhongyifeng employees, too many words of thanks also condense countless hearts of gratitude.
"What a beautiful and regrettable world it is,
We just laughed and wept like that."

God's creation, such a beautiful world, Xiao Mingxuan suffered a nightmare disaster before he had time to see you more. He worked so hard to survive that we gathered our strength to fight with him. Xiao Mingxuan's future road now seems vague, but there are family members, friends, people who care about him and he is holding together, laughing and weeping, like a lamp, which will illuminate his way forward. Child, don't be afraid. Although the world has many regrets, it must be beautiful and bright.
Every life is worth cherishing. Every child is as gorgeous as summer flowers, spring and thorns all the way. Zhongyifeng Public Welfare Association is with you all the way.

Commonweal Association of ZYF